Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lillian's 2nd Birthday Party

Lillian and her friends partied hard yesterday! When Lillian came down from her nap and saw the cake and balloons, she was so excited. She wanted to dive into the cake right then. I had to distract her and get her to come watch for her guests to arrive. After about everyone arrived, we ate cake...and boy was it a mess! We had green icing...so little green goblins everywhere! The cake was delicious and the kids had fun with it. Lillian loves the Backyardigans, so we had that as our theme. It worked out well, because the rest of the time, the kids played in the backyard! Lillian had received a gift on Friday from an online friend of a Backyardigans music cd and it was her favorite thing at the party! I put my little boom box out on the deck and planned on having it playing while they all played, but Lillian pretty much stayed on the deck almost the whole time dancing to the music! Now I know to get that out when I want her to burn off some energy! We had a couple of kids from Lillian's class come and it was good to visit with and get to know their moms. We also enjoyed our playgroup friends coming to play. Here are some pictures from our big day yesterday!

Present from Mom and Dad---------present from Grandma Teddy----Decorations

Backyardigans cupcake cake------I'm 2!-----------------Blowing out the candles

Kids and the cake---------------Yum--------------------Natalie and Caroline

Brynn enjoyed the cake----Dancing Lillian--------------swinging

Sing, Momma!-----------------The kids dance------Sandbox

I had to add this photo my friend Jessica took...Just look at my awful green teeth! I guess Lillian and I can be the Joker for Halloween!


Jessica said...

Great pictures! We had fun yesterday celebrating with you all!

Ashley said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. My kids like the Backyardigans too.

Anonymous said...

You look like you had so much fun. Lillian is such a doll. I am so excited for Redicks birthday. Can you believe he has never seen the backyardigans?!