Monday, April 30, 2012

My 3rd 10k!

I completed my 3rd ever 10k this past weekend!  I ran the Capital 10k last month and decided to run this one to keep me motivated to keep on running!  This was the 30th annual Bun Run and the first year they added a 10k.  I ran the 5k two years ago....when I won that barbeque grill!  

I have been bugging all my friends for a while to come run with me and when I saw my sister, Molly had ran 5 miles on Saturday, I told her online that she should come run it with me and to my surprise, she actually did!  It was so nice having someone to ride with and hang out with before and after the race.  As well as it was just good to see her.  She, Katy and I had a good sister time!  

I was proud to complete this race beating my Capital 10k time of 65 minutes 30 seconds.  This run I finished in 62 minutes 7 seconds!  It was a nice improvement and made me feel good that I did improve over a month!  Now that it is the hottest time of year approaching, I may not race for a while!  But it was a fun one and glad I finished on a happy note this season!

Parker and Katy Came to Visit

Katy and Parker came to Round Rock for the weekend to see Lillian play t-ball. I failed to get a picture of them with her at her t-ball game, but we had lots of fun other places.  Parker enjoyed going outside to play in our yard as well as playing at the fun new all abilities park in town.  They had some good cousin fun and we had a nice visit with them!  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Toy Story 3 on Ice

I was very surprised at myself for keeping this secret for several months from the kids.  I got a flier that Toy Story 3 on Ice was coming to town and I just had to take them!  Andrew LOVES Toy Story more than anything and Lillian likes the movies too.  So I bought tickets to opening night and actually kept it from them the whole time!
Yesterday, I told them that I was going to take them somewhere in the evening while Daddy kept Marjorie at home.  They were very curious, but I wouldn't give in and tell them.  I told them it was a surprise.  When we got to the Cedar Park Center and went in, they weren't sure what we were doing.  We went and found our seats and then Lillian saw the ice and asked what that was.  I told her that there would be people skating on it.  She grumpily said, "I don't like this!"  Then I told them that it would be Toy Story characters and they both got big smiles and were excited.  Here are a few pictures of them in their seats....Lillian on the edge of her seat excited to see it start.  Then after every new character came out, she would point like in the 2nd picture and say, "Look Andrew!!!"  They enjoyed every bit.  It just got late and they and I got tired!  It was a cute show!  I really enjoyed the Ken and Barbie part...Ken and his many outfits.  I had that Ken growing up.  I remember he came with a little plastic chimpanzee!  He was my favorite Ken because he had bending arms...not the straight ones like the blonde Kens!  ha ha

The bows at the end

Mickey and the gang came out too to introduce the characters

My favorite!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Go Phillies!

9 Months Have Come and Gone

Marjorie turned 9 months on Thursday.  Hard to believe in 3 months we'll be celebrating a year!  Marjorie is just getting so big and growing into such a bubbly little girl.  She still smiles at everyone and loves laughing at her brother and sister and dog especially.  She loves to eat!  She snacks lots and lots during the day and we have now mostly moved her to table food at meal times.  She has loved mashed potatoes, cocktail weinies (cut into tiny pieces of course), and breakfast foods the most.  She is still not crawling, but likes to roll back and forth on the floor.  Her peditriation told me at her check up today that we need to start putting her on her knees and try to teach her a little, but I don't know about how that is going to work.  She gets mad!  ha ha.  At her check up today she weighed 18.13 lbs (60%), and was 27.5 inches (50%).  So she is right at average for her age. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Strawberries and More

 We didn't make it out to Marble Falls Sweet Berry Farms last year with me being pregnant and tired, so when strawberry picking season came around this year, we found a day that Brandon had off work during the week and decided to take the kids out there.  They were excited and ready.  We picked 2 baskets full of fresh strawberries.  Then we all enjoyed homemade icecream that is made with their fresh berries and then the kids had fun jumping on the new bouncing pads.  It was a nice little family outing and the kids have already enjoyed eating the strawberries several times.  We froze some for later, but have plenty to eat for now!

Andrew picking

Lillian said she was done

looking for the big ones!

Marjorie was excited to be there

Yum, berries!

Homemade strawberry ice cream

Oh, Brother!

Marjorie loved it too!

Jump around


Andrew in the air

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Day 2012

Easter was pretty quiet at our house this year.  Brandon had to work, so it was just me and the kids all day.  I hate that we couldn't go to mass, but there was no way I could take all 3 by myself with all the extra people at church on Easter.  So we hunted eggs and played at home.  I got the kids dressed up though so I could take their pictures.

I think everyone enjoyed their Easter baskets this year.  Lillian was in our room at 7 telling us what she saw in the baskets and was so excited to show us.  Shortly afterward, Andrew was up too and we went down and then they went through Andrew's basket and looked at it all then Lillian's.  They were so distracted, we had to remind them that they didn't eat breakfast.

Marjorie with her basket

Lillian's goodies

Andrew's goodies

Lillian looking in her basket

Andrew looking in his

The Easter bunny left eggs outside too, so they ran out to  get them.

Lillian and Andrew and kids dancing at Nicole and Joe's wedding

The kids going crazy dancing at the wedding reception

Nicole's wedding day

We spent the day on Saturday in Shiner for our niece, Nicole's wedding.  Brandon was a groomsman and Lillian was one of the flower girls.  It was nice to have us all dressed up and we got some cute pictures.  Lillian even had her hair professionally fixed for the occasion and sat well for it.  She was very proud of looking like a princess.  The wedding was at a city park on a bridge while we watched from the bank.  I'm excited to see the professional photographer pictures since I couldn't get very good shots from far off.  I know she got some great ones of Lillian doing her flower girl job!  Although the kids didn't get much of a nap, they all did very well.  Lillian and Andrew were playing, dancing and running around all afternoon with the other kids and cousins they never see.  I loved seeing them dancing to the polka music!  Marjorie had her first taste of cake and LOVED it!  She just shoved it in her mouth was smiling and licking her hands! The photographer got a few of her doing that too I look forward to seeing.  Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures of the bride!  With the wedding being up on the bridge, I couldn't zoom in very well and then I was distracted trying to take pictures of the kids at the reception!  She was a beautiful bride though and we were so glad we could be there.  Congratulations Joe and Nicole!! 

Our family at the Koenning farm before we went to the wedding

2 sweet flower girls, Lillian and Mia

Lillian posing

Daddy and Lillian

The kids playing at the bridge before the ceremony

Marjorie while we waited for the wedding to begin

Lillian's hair after she got it done


the kids dancing

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Loving the Bluebonnets

I got a great picture of them kids altogether in the bluebonnets on the way home from my grandparents, but decided to go this week and get some of them individually since we weren't on a long drive and in a hurry like last time, so here are a few!