Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Ghost from the Past

Because many of my friends now, did not know me in high school, I thought I'd write this entry. I know a lot of you wonder why I'm so obsessed with making sure I get my work-out in everyday and why it is such a big deal. Well, although I try to keep these old pictures packed away where no one can see them, I dug out a picture from high school.
Here I am before leaving for my junior prom.(with my skinny friends) I weighed here what I did at the end of my last pregnancy! Although I don't feel that my friends treated me any different because of my weight in h.s., I still always felt insecure. One thing that really got to me was how most of them would talk about how they thought THEY were fat and all I could think of was if they think they are fat, they must think I'm a whale! It was tough...I did lose a little weight my senior year, but not until college did I get down to about where I am now. I came from a super small town where there was no gym or anything for me to work-out. When I moved to Austin, I lived with my cousin who was super into fitness and it got me motivated. I am determined never to look again like I did in high school...which I know is weird when most people try to be the weight they were in h.s. It is not only a personal vanity thing is a goal for me to work for, to be healthy for my kids, and just to take good care of myself. I'm also just a more confident and social person than I was then. I enjoy my work-outs and feel so much better after them. It is a wonderful feeling to know I can run 3 miles now and not be out of breath. I couldn't even run a lap around a softball field in h.s. without wanting to pass out when I finished.
So now you know why I'm so determined to not miss my work-outs and a little bit about me from the past. I don't talk about it a lot, but felt like I needed to fill in the gaps for some people who wonder why I post about my weightloss on really is a big deal and accompishment for me.


Crim said...

You need to pat yourself on the back. I am embarrassed to say I don't think I could run 1/2 a mile.

Katy Cade said...

Way to go!!!