Monday, June 28, 2010

A Playgroup Zoo Trip

Our little playgroup took our first adventure today. We drove up to Waco to the Cameron Park Zoo. The other 2 moms and kids hadn't been there, but we had taken mine back in December. But they have gotten older and it was a new experience at least. It was us, plus my friend/next-door neighbor Karen with her 2 kids, Tyler (2 and a half) and Audrey (9 months) and my friend Irene with her two daughters Natalie (4) and Izzie (2 and a half).

We had our row of double strollers coming through each exhibit. It was fun to see the kids' reactions to all the animals and also how when they got hot and tired how quickly they were just ready to go! It was definitely and experience to remember.

Afterwards, we found a picnic table outside and ate our lunches we brought with us before the drive home. My car got quiet for a while as mine and Karen's kids passed out, except for her son, Tyler. But as we got back in to Round Rock, they were all up and ready to party again.

This is when the momma's need a nap!

Our journey begins...everyone in their strollers
Me and my kids
All the kids around the Gorilla statue
Lined up on the picnic tables
Audrey and Lillian (twinkies for the day)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Friends

We had a birthday party celebration on Saturday for the kids' buddy, Caroline. Her irthday is actually early in July, but they were to be moving to Dallas the following day, so they had it early to celebrate with her friends here. The kids loved playing at Pump It Up. Andrew didn't at first, but warmed up to it eventually.
We sure will miss our friends, Lauren, Caroline, and Will! We have been playing with Lauren and Caroline since 6 weeks after I had Andrew and have been doing playgroup with them ever since. Lillian has become great buddies with Caroline and Lauren is such a wonderful friend to me. We'll definitely have to plan some trips up to Dallas to visit!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A short catch-up

The kids were gone to my sister, Katy's house last week out in Rotan, TX, so she wrote a couple of blogs about them. You can read some about their visit at:

Also, they began dancing to the Disney's Sleeping Beauty song "Once Upon a Dream" a lot while there, so when I turned on the dvd at Lillian's request today, I got out the video camera to catch their dance, so here is that video:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Visiting Aunt Katy

The kids and I left Thursday to spend the weekend in Rotan...well I did...then I left them there to spend the rest of the week with Katy. We made the long drive and the kids were excited to see and explore Katy's new house. She also has a pool, so we swam a lot as well. We also went to the local park, got snowcones, and spent some time with Katy's other nephews and niece, the Sepedas. Here are some photos from our trip:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lott Photos

I had the pleasure of having my friend Jamie and her husband, Nick take some great photos of the kids a few weeks ago. They are starting a photography business on the side and were developing their website, so wanted pictures of other kids besides their own to add. If you have kids, you probably know how hard it is to take them to a studio and have them sit for pictures, so having these done in about 20 minutes while they just played around at the park was amazing to me. I love all the colors and vividness of them. Check them out when you can at I definitely recommend them! (Look for pictures of my kids on the site when you do...they are famous! ha ha )