Thursday, October 23, 2008

Andrew is sick

After 8 months of no sick doctor's visits, we made our first one this morning. (Lillian had probably been 10 times for illness at his age!) Andrew has had a little cough for a while and then yesterday evening, it turned into a fever and some shortness of breath. I was up with him by myself until 10:30 since Brandon was working until 11 last night. Everytime I would lay him down, he would cry because he couldn't breath very well. I tried everything and I think he just finally crashed after I rocked him a while just from extreme exhaustion. The doctors gave him a breathing treatment this morning and I am supposed to do so 3 times a day until it gets better. Poor baby boy! He is now passed out on the couch from just getting home from the doctor's office.

Looks like we'll be staying in the rest of the day.

On a side note, thanks so much Irene for watching Lillian while I took Andrew to the doctor! I couldn't have done it with her there. He hated that breathing treatment!


Crim said...

Oh poor Andrew. We have been there with the breathing treatments and are doing some with Colby for his cough as well. They are no fun.

Anonymous said...

Poor angel! I hope he gets to feeling better.