Friday, October 17, 2008

A Fun Day for Lillian

Lillian had a fun day! She had a great time at preschool this morning and came home and took a good nap. While she napped, the mail came and she got a gift in the mail. I have been a member of since I was pregnant with her and still chat often with the women that had babies all around the same time as me. We live all around the country, but stay in touch online and feel like we know each other's kids. We do a secret birthday exchange each year, so Lillian got her present today from Christie and her son Jonathan in Rochester, NY. She got a cute outfit, a fairy wand, a Backyardigans song cd, and some other things. As soon as she got downstairs from her nap, she saw the present and grabbed it and ran off with it. After I finally got her to sit down and open it, she loved it all! Andrew helped by chewing on and tearing up the paper! It was too cute!

After that, we met my friend, Jessica, and Lillian's buddy Brynn at the park. The girls had a great time running around the park playing. And Lillian called Brynn by her name for the first time. She kept running around saying her name the whole time! So she is learning something! That is the first friend she has said their name. It was nice weather and Jessica and I finally got to visit and catch up after a few weeks of schedules that didn't work out.

This evening, Lillian got another big package on the doorstep from Grandpa JD and Jamie. She enjoyed looking at the big box and pulling out and showing her daddy all the packages inside. She got a cute blue jacket for this fall and winter and some new tennis shoes that she needed. She also got an easel and immediately started drawing us a masterpiece.

What an exciting and fun day for our birthday girl...the fun continues. We are celebrating with her on Sunday as a family and then with her friends at her party on Monday, her actual birthday! I'm sure I'll have many more pictures to share.

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Jessica said...

Yay for birthday presents!

The pictures of Andrew are adorable! He's making so many new expressions lately and he was sitting up like a pro, I noticed!

Let me know if you guys are up for a playdate this week. Maybe we could try a smaller park so the girls don't run the length of a football field or two away from us!