Friday, October 17, 2008


My lasik surgery yesterday went very well. I can now see! It is still a little blurry, but they said it would be for a few days. It is still amazing to me. When I go to shower or anything I've noticed myself automatically going to take off my glasses...but they aren't there! I do have some red spots on my eyes since a few blood vessels burst from pressure during the procedure and my eyes are dry...I have to keep putting drops in, but it is wonderful. I can't wait until they are fully healed and I will finally have a life of a person with normal vision!

I went in to see Ellen, my cousin who is also an optomotrist today and she said I'm healing well. The cut in my right eye is almost completely closed and my left eye is not quite as healed, but doing fine. I am also already seeing around 20/15! She said that is great for just the day after surgery. She said it will just start getting clearer each day from here. Yay for my eyes!

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Crim said...

Oh Wow, that is great. I would love to see well like everyone else and not wear contacts or glasses.