Monday, January 23, 2012

Tooth Time

Last Monday evening, Lillian noticed that her front bottom tooth was loose. She was eating dinner and I was cleaning the kitchen and she came and told me that her tooth was hurting. I just thought it had to do with her going to the dentist a week ago, but then I looked closer and saw that it was very loose. Then while brushing her teeth that evening, I noticed you could already see her new tooth coming in behind it! I called my mom who is a dental hygientist to ask if that was normal and she said that it happens sometimes, but Lillian really needs to get that other tooth out so it doesn't prevent the new one from growing the right way. I talked to Lillian about wiggling it all week and that if she didn't keep wiggling it and get it out that Grandma would be coming soon and she would pull it.

Well, Grandma came and we made the trip to Rotan and the tooth still hadn't come out. So before my mom was leaving, Lillian decided she would let Grandma pull it. She layed down on her lap and then changed her mind. My mom told her she would just wiggle it and she did a bit and then pulled it out really quick. Lillian was very angry and ran off in the other room for a minute, but then realized it was done and got very excited about being a big girl and that the tooth fairy would be coming.

My mom had promised her frozen yogurt for letting her pull it, so we all went and celebrated with yogurt. Then mom and Tory had to head back to East Texas. I had ordered Lillian a tooth fairy pillow, but we hadn't gotten it yet, so we put the tooth in a medicine cup and Lillian wrote the tooth fairy a note so she would see it.

The tooth fairy was very nice and left $5 since it was her first tooth and she was so brave. She told me it would only be $1 after this though! My baby girl is growing up! It is so strange to think that that new tooth coming in will be with her the rest of her life! And so begins the tooth fairy years at the Koenning household.

Parker's 1st Birthday

We made the long trip out to West Texas this past weekend to celebrate my nephew, Parker's 1st birthday! Because the trip is so long and Brandon had to work, I was lucky that my mom and sister Tory could come and ride with us so I had help with the kids and probably also a shorter trip since I would have had to stop a lot more to feed Marjorie and tend to her. Tory was the great baby whisperer of the weekend and took on that job and visited with the kids in the back of the van so we could keep going.

We went out there on Thursday evening, so we got to spend Friday with Katy and Parker before the party. Our eventful day was eating out at Dairy Queen and playing at the city park. The kids loved it!

Then Parker had an awesome "Up" themed party on Saturday. He had lots of people there to celebrate. He got some great gifts and loved his birthday food and cake. It was fun getting to see him with all the "ball" presents mostly since he is obsessed with balls right now. My mom got him a tent ball pit and the kids all went crazy jumping in the balls and throwing them everywhere.

It is so sweet getting to see Marjorie and Parker together too as they are getting bigger and more aware of each other. They just grin so big at each other and Marjorie would be playing in the exersaucer and Parker liked coming up and showing his toys to her. They have many many fun years ahead playing together.

Happy 1st Birthday, Parker! We love you and were so happy we could be there to see you turn the big 1!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6 month stats

Marjorie is 17 and a half pounds and 25 and 3/4 inches. She has a head circumference of 44 cm. this puts her at 75% for her weight, 30% for height, and 90% for her noggin. She is the first of my babies to be on the short side. Lillian and Andrew were both even up at 75% for height and weight most every check-up. We'll see if she catches up! We survived 4 shots this morning and hopefully she'll be fine the rest of the day. I just hate seeing that awful "Why are you hurting me?" face when they get those shots! :(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cousin Visit

Brandon's niece, Nicole came to Texas to visit this past week. She lives way up in Spokane, Washington. She is from Texas, but ended up there after being in the Navy and meeting her husband who was from Washington. We do not get to see them very often since they live so far, so we were glad to get to visit with them in Shiner on Saturday. We will also get to see them again in April. They are having a 2nd wedding here for her family since everyone couldn't make it up to her wedding in Washington. Lillian is excited to be her flower girl.

Andrew out playing in the garden

Marjorie snuggling with Nicole

Nicole and Lillian playing memory

6 Months Old

Marjorie turned 6 months old this past Thursday. Growing like a weed and still making us all smile! Marjorie loves her stage 2 foods we started last week. She has pretty much taken to all the foods we have given her. She still doesn't really care for peas, but will eat them if I mix them with her rice cereal. Her favorite food so far seems to be squash, but she definitely still loves all fruits as well.

She still isn't quite sitting on her own, but we are practicing and she can sit for a minute before falling over. It won't be too long until she can do it on her own. We got some very cute pictures done at Sears on Thursday and some are of her sitting and I just had to be next to her and reach and grab her quickly if she started falling over. The lady taking her pictures was impressed with out well she did and how happy she is.

Marjorie still has just the 2 bottom front teeth,but seems to be working on a few more. She can still wear a lot of her 3-6 month clothes too, but I went ahead and packed them up so she can be wearing her 6-9 month clothes since we have so many cute hand-me-downs from Lillian she can be wearing.

Marjorie's personality is developing more and more as well. I think the funniest thing in the world to her is Duncan and other dogs! I swear, she thinks they are just funny looking hairy people. She just looks at him and smiles so big and then will laugh and laugh when he barks or shakes. One afternoon last week, I took her out in the backyard and our neighbor's dog, Buddy was out and he and Duncan were running up and down the fence chasing each other and barking and Marjorie had a huge giggle fit! She couldn't stop laughing. It was so cute to watch and listen to.

We will be visiting our peditrician on Tuesday for he check-up, so then we will have her stats, so I will report on those later.

Happy half-birthday to my sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Class Pictures

The kids started back to preschool today! I got their class pictures back so I wanted to share.