Friday, January 29, 2010

Yogurt R Rock

Have ya'll tried Yogurt R Rock next to Snip-its in Round Rock at La Frontera? If not, you need to!

The kids and I just went after dinner just to get out of the house and it was so neat and cheap! They have 30 different flavors of frozen yogurt, most of them are nonfat the lady said. It is self-serve, so you just get your cup and fill it to how much you want and then mix and match any toppings you want on it. They have fresh fruit, nuts, and candy. Then they weigh it for how much you pay...39 cents per ounce no matter what you get. I paid $5.50 total for the kids and I. I'll definitely be back. It is a very cheap treat! The kids loved it!

Ben and Jerry's used to be where this place is and I'm not saying this tasted better....good ole fattening ice cream is definitely more delicious, but for a very cheap and nonfat treat, this place is awesome!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

70 Degees and Sunny

You have to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts! We have had a really cold and rainy winter so far here, which isn't usual for Texas. We've been stuck inside way too much and the kids love getting out to the park. Today it was 70 degrees and gorgeous out, so we took advantage!

The kids love this playground at Old Settler's Park because it is a short walk to a little bridge on the running trail. They love to go throw rocks over into the water. Our laugh for the afternoon was when a male runner went by us without a shirt and Lillian looks and points and says really loudly, "He's NAKED!" ha ha! He smiled at us as he went by....oh the things kids say!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Monkey

Raising a boy is definitely different than a girl. Andrew is my accident-prone adventurous little monkey. I just can't understand how he gets himself into things the way he does. Last Friday, he took a ride up by holding on to the bottom of the garage door, but was just holding on going "help!" It cracked me up, but I didn't get a picture. As soon as I saw him going up today, I grabbed my phone and took a picture, but he was screaming this time. This will NOT be happening again. He is giving his momma heart-attacks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Visit to Rotan

Brandon, the kids,and I made our first ever trip out to Rotan, TX to visit my sister this weekend. She moved out there this past summer with her husband. He is from there. We had a great time visiting and seeing and learning all about Katy's new "city."

On Saturday morning, we bundled up. It was a nice 15 degrees out with a windchill of 0. We wanted to check out the ranch where Clay works now. Andrew loved seeing the cows. And the fun part was watching Clay doing his fun job this weekend of giving them their drugs for artificial insemination! Never thought I'd see that in a lifetime!

Then we went up and took a tour of the ranch and the beautiful gazebo up the hill. Lillian called it the "tower." It had a beautiful view. And they had lots of old wagons that the kids just had to climb in!

Lillian also loved seeing all the huge windmills out there generating energy for the surrounding areas. She called them pinwheels! And we got to see the last of the cotton harvesting going on, but got stuck behind the trucks on the road...oh, the fabric of our lives!

Then we had a visit from Katy's mother-in-law, Lisa with Katy's nephew, Cooper. He and the kids had a fun time playing. He played ball with Lillian and then just liked picking up Andrew to show how strong he is.

Then in the evening, Katy got out her Just Dance game for Wii and we played a little. Andrew jammed out while Katy and Clay played. Then Brandon was nice enough to video Katy and I...ha ha.

Then today, we just had a relaxing morning hanging out with Aunt Katy before we left. Thanks for having us, Katy and Clay! We had fun and hope to see ya'll again soon!