Monday, October 13, 2008

The Birthday Madness Has Begun

Lillian is to have the birthday that never ends this month, I believe. We began this weekend by visiting Brandon's parents (and picking up Andrew) and celebrating her birthday with them. Next weekend, we will be giving her her gift from us and then I'm having her friends over for a little party in the afternoon next Monday on her actual birthday. Then I'm sure we'll do some more celebrating with my family later. I don't think Lillian will understand that birthdays are just one day. I don't think she understands the concept anyway, so I guess it will be okay. It does make it more fun getting gifts and cake different days. I think she'll be more excited about her gifts that way instead of getting them all at once. Lillian enjoyed her birthday celebration at the Koenning's. She got some gifts she loves like a stroller, little play phone, and purse. She enjoyed the delicious cake as well. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Of course we visit the cows when we get there-----------her new stroller and baby

homemade tinkerbell cake---------We'll definitely use this, Her new time out spot!

Trying to get her to blow out the candles--------chowing down


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Lillian! Now the terrific twos can begin.

The Heslip Twins said...

We wish her a very fabulous birthday, and wonder non-birthdays too!

We haven't taken the twins to the games because it is so expensive in Aggieland! Maybe when they are older and can sit still for longer periods of time...and we get free tickets!


Crim said...

Birthdays aren't all month???? LOL
Happy Birthday Lillian!

Jessica said...

I noticed the Time Out bench at your house today. We need one of those! Two-year-olds can be trouble!