Wednesday, February 29, 2012

swinging 7 months.MPG

This was a few weeks ago at the park, but just emptied my camera for the month and found it and wanted to share. She loves swinging! She is so ready to be able to play at the park more with all the other kids, but loves watching them at least!

Phillies Baseball begins

Baseball season has begun again! Lillian is a Phillie this year and had her first game this past Saturday morning. Although she is still learning, she seems to be doing much better than last year already. Grandpa JD and Jamie came in for the weekend to visit and see her play. After a rough start because she had to spend the first inning on the bench and didn't understand why, she finally got to hit the ball and she was happy and excited after that. She had her second game last night and she even fielded a ball and threw it to the base she was supposed to. I'm looking forward to seeing how she improves over the season.

The kids were happy to have Grandpa and Jamie visiting. They especially loved playing with Grandpa for a while, while Jamie, Marjorie, and I went to the fabric store looking for fabric for her to make me new curtains for my front window. I'm excited! We found some with colors that will look perfect in there. Thanks, Jamie for doing this for me!

After Grandpa and Jamie left on Sunday, we had a short amount of time before we had to be at Lillian's baseball opening ceremony. It was held at the Dell Diamond. Lillian got to walk out on the field with her team and then we watched a player throw out the opening pitch to the Round Rock Express mascot, Spike. It was a busy weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Park Kind of Day

86 outside in February....scary for what the summer holds, but also perfect weather to get out to the park. I took the kids down to Memorial Park. Although, they both fell in the mud a couple of times, they enjoyed getting out and looking at the water.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Scared of the Microwave

I have no idea why, but we discovered Marjorie is afraid of the microwave. Anytime I get near it with her, she clings to me and starts almost crying. It is a mystery to me. Wanted to share what she does. Crazy how babies decide somethings are scary or funny. The only thing that I usually hear kids being scared about is the vaccuum!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew had a great birthday. He woke up this morning and openned some gifts I saved for today. He got a remote control Cars 2 car from us, some new clothes from Grandma Teddy, and a ChuChi from Aunt Tory....this is a stuffed animal you sleep with that lights up like a nightlight.

After opening gifts and talking to several family members on the phone and computer, we went to the gym followed by lunch with Daddy at El Arroyo. Brandon had to work all weekend, so he met us there for Andrew's birthday lunch. The kids were excited to see him and behaved so well. We got complimented on having "great kids" by a photographer sitting nearby. He had even changed his lens to take a picture of Marjorie after she flashed him a big smile the first time. After eating, the waitors came by and sang Happy Birthday to Andrew and he shyly stared at them. He enjoyed it, though.

Then after naptime, I took the kids for frozen yogurt for one last birthday treat. I think Andrew had an awesome day. I can't believe my baby boy is 4 years old! It is hard to remember now what it was like having a baby boy! Happy 4th Birthday to Andrew!

Here is Andrew at lunch watching the waitors sing to him.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Andrew's Birthday Party

My baby boy turns 4 on Sunday, but his daddy has to work all weekend, so we had his party today, Friday. Andrew started getting into dinosaurs a lot this past year, so he decided on a dinosaur party. It was tougher than I thought to find dinosaur party things. There was one small section in Party City and HEB didn't make dinosaur cakes of any kind. I guess I could have paid more and had one made or been crafty and tried to make it myself, but I decided to just order cupcakes and put dinosaur figures on top of them. They turned out to be a hit and were delicious too!

Andrew was so excited about his party today he couldn't sleep and kept asking why it wasn't time yet. When everyone arrived pretty much all at the same time, he was super happy! The kids had a great time running around playing and it turned out well considering we had to stay indoors because it was wet outside. Everyone had hotdogs and then we ate the cupcakes.

Now Andrew is very confused about why I tell him that his birthday is on Sunday. It is too difficult to explain to a 4 year old that we had the party on one day, but his actual birthday is another! Any takers on explaining it to him? :)

before the party

The cupcakes

Singing Happy Birthday to Andrew

Opening one of his many gifts. I wish I could put them all on here! This one is one of the Dinosaur Train dinosaurs that talk to each other to go with his collection he got for Christmas. It was from Grandpa JD and Jamie. They also got him another one and a new big boy backpack for school. I'll have to take a picture of him with it before school one morning!

Thank you everyone that came to the party and for the gifts. Andrew had a very special day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

The kids had a great Valentine's Day! We got cards the day before from Grandma Teddy and they loved them! They play sound, so of course we listened to Andrew's Who Let the Dogs Out card a million times. Marjorie enjoyed eating her card! Valentine's Day started out well and the kids were excited about their parties at school. But around 11 am, they called me to pick up Lillian because she had a stomach bug. So she didn't get to stay for her party and I didn't have any pictures of her today, so I included yesterday's picture of her with her card from Grandma Teddy. I made it to Andrew's party though and he was excited to get a dog stuffed animal from his teacher, Mrs. Karen. Then we went home and he loved looking at all his Valentine's from his friends and all the goodies as well. Brandon was also under the weather today, so we had a low-key day at home. But we also got a package of goodies from Grandpa JD and Jamie that we will really enjoy too. We'll just have to wait for some healthier tummies around here before we attempt that! Thanks everyone for making our Valentine's day special. I'm hoping Lillian and Brandon recover soon and that I don't catch the bug! (Andrew had it over the weekend at Shiner). I really need to be healthy to have Andrew's birthday party on Friday!

Andrew's Birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Koenning

The kids spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Koenning this past weekend. They love going there and getting to spend time with them and get that extra time we don't usually get since we usually only spend the day when we see them. While we were there Sunday to pic them up, we celebrated Andrew's birthday with them since they will not see him for a while and his birthday will be this coming weekend. So Andrew enjoyed a yummy chocolate cake with white icing with Toy Story decorations and opened his gifts. He loves his new shirts, airplane toy, and lawnmower! Thank you for the fun mini-birthday party, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Sherlene, and Aunt Dianne!

7 months

Marjorie turned 7 months old this past Sunday. She is growing and learning every day! She is sitting up very well now, but has no interest in being on the go yet. I think she will be like her older siblings and wait until 9 or 10 months for that. She learned to use the straw sippy cup this month. I had tried the regular cup with her and she didn't really understand how it worked, but she seems to like the straw. She has a little water with each meal now. She has also seemed to develop the need to be entertained constantly. She does not like me to leave the room if she is in her exersaucer or go anywhere she can't see me. She would definitely prefer to be held too. I guess we are getting to that attachment age. I'm glad she is already used to going to the gym and the ladies in there or that would be a big issue right now. She also has been napping mostly just when her big brother and sister nap. She will get a tiny nap in the morning sometimes on the go,but usually just waits and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. That is fine with me since it works with my schedule, but it makes for one really tired baby by bedtime and she even wants to go to bed earlier than I'd like some days. I can't really complain though. She is a very sweet and content baby!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shake your baby head

Marjorie has been shaking her head at me like this every time I put her in bed for nap or bedtime. I finally remembered to bring my camera up to catch it this time!