Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our First Graduation

We began the first of many graduations in our family today with Lillian's preschool graduation.  This is so bittersweet!  Lillian began Harmony Hill Preschool when she was 20 months old, 3 days a week.  She has loved going there every single day she attended!  She has had some awesome teachers and made so many great friends as well as me making friends with their moms and teachers!  I can not believe that this is coming to an end and we will actually be in the state school system this fall!  Lillian is so excited about Kindergarten, but I know she will miss the friends she had at Harmony Hill!  Congratulations to our little graduate!
Lillian and Henry, her friend since she was 20 months old
Class of 2025
The girl buddies: Lillian, Luci, and Quinn...also friends since 20 months!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Pool Visit of the Year

It was a hot 90 something degree day and my kids weren't napping.  My neighbor, Mary said she was taking her girls to the pool, so I decided we would head out there too.  I'm glad we did.  It felt perfect and the kids had a great time and got wore out to sleep well tonight!  Marjorie had her first swim in a pool ever and really liked it.  I carried her around and passed her to Mary and she was having a wonderful time.  Then     I sat her near the sprinklers in the splash area and she laughed and played with it too.  It was a great afternoon.

                           Andrew playing with the baby float after Marjorie preferred for me to hold her.
                                                           Lillian paused for a photo
                                                     Marjorie liked hanging out with Mary.
                                                   Loving the water
                                            Lillian with her buddies, our neighbors: Jordan and Taylor
                                                                    My little water baby

Marjorie loving the sprinkler

Marjorie sure enjoyed the sprinkler area of our neighborhood swimming pool.