Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Bathing Beauties

Andrew is obsessed with the water park toy that the kids got from Dad and Jamie over Easter and is constantly messing with it outside and I noticed while they were playing yesterday that I hadn't emptied the rain water out of it and he was about to get very messy, so he screamed and screamed as I put that toy in the garage so he couldn't get to it.

I decided that in the afternoon I would get it out and rinse it out for them to play with out in the front yard where there is not the sandbox and other stuff to get mixed with it. So here are my kids having their first water fun here this summer.

Oh, and for some reason Lillian decided she wanted to be in her dad's truck and dance a little too!
Also, I guess Andrew wasn't ready for the fun to end because he brought a toy in from the water and as I was in the kitchen sweeping, I heard him throw it in the toilet and begin splashing again! I guess he thought it was okay now! Ahhhh!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the Koennings Have been Upto

As many of you know, the kids spent Thursday afternoon through Sunday in Shiner with their grandparents. The kids had fun and it was a nice break for us. I'm not sure how the Koennings feel, but I'm sure they are trying to rest after their active weekend.

I don't want to bore you with going on about what I did while the kids were gone, so I'll just make a list:

I worked out without worrying if the daycare would come get me to change a diaper!

  • I gave blood for the first time since I've had kids

  • I went shopping

  • I went to the movies

  • I ate some good food!

  • I had some quality time with my husband.

Now we are back to normal around here. Andrew has been walking more and more. He is actually walking more than crawling now, so won't be long and he'll be on his feet all the time. Brandon and I got him 2 pairs of shoes this weekend since he only had one pair before and he was outgrowing them. He's getting used to them slowly but surely.

Lillian is growing up as well. She still throws her fits and can be a little pain in the butt at times, but she has been more cooperative for me lately and helpful in some ways. I laugh at how she sings the songs on the radio! It is funny how they pick that up.

I didn't take any pictures over the weekend, but we went to the park today and I took some of the kids. Excuse the poor quality. They are from my camera on my phone. It isn't the best.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye, Aunt Tory

Tory came down for a few days to visit and help me out with the kids while Brandon worked some long weekend shifts. It was really nice especially on Saturday when we had steady rain all day. The kids really fight for my attention on those days that we can't get out of the house. We had a good visit and the kids loved playing with Aunt Tory. Lillian and Tory baked cupcakes on Saturday and she and Andrew enjoyed eating them....and making a big mess.

Tory and I got to rent and watch a few movies. We watched Yes Man and The Reader. Both were really good movies. Of course the first is a Jim Carrey movie, so a little goofy, but cute. The second is definitely not for kids, but a good historical type movie. I hadn't heard of it, but it was nominated for some academy awards and I guess they made some kind of pack with Blockbuster where you can only rent it there, so I hadn't seen it on Netflix.....seems like something is wrong with that! Anyway, just wanted to share these with my fellow movie buffs.

Anyway, we'll miss you the rest of the week, Tory. You were a big help and good company. I guess we'll see you when you come back for your next eye appointment. Enjoy my Twilight books!
Lillian loves to slide Sitting with Tory

Andrew running through the grass Andrew loved his cupcake!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chrysler Dealerships

As most of you know, my Dad and his brother own a Chrysler dealership in my hometown. It has been passed on for a few family generations and is one of the bigger employers in the town. With the recent news about Chrysler going bankrupt and uncertainties ahead, we were anxious to hear the news today about which dealerships would be shut down. Luckily, Pearman Motor Company was not on the list today! Even with lots of other East Texas dealerships closing, our family's was saved. Here is the news story from the local TV station. My dad is interviewed towards the end about it:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. We celebrated with the Koennings today. They came up to visit.

The mothers....Grandma Koenning and Me....with Andrew and then Lillian decided to finally join us!

Godmother Sherlene with Andrew

Godmother Dianne with Lillian

The Hajek's Visit

Brandon's first cousin, Brian and wife, Melissa drove up from San Antonio to visit with us yesterday. They brought their adorable 7 month old, Zachary. We had a great visit and some great food and drinks at Trudy's. The kids did well and I think it helped with us sitting outside on the patio. Even baby Zac was looking around at everything. We came back and the kids played in the playroom. Poor Zac got trampled on by the big kids, but survived! He does his cute little army crawl, but is pushing up to start regular crawling soon. He was excited to see all the kids toys and what he could get ahold of. Brandon and Brian grew up being really close and he was Brandon's best man in our wedding. It has been so great getting to know him and Melissa. Melissa and I talk through emails constantly and sometimes know more of what is going on with each other than the husbands! Thanks for coming, ya'll! It is always fun and will be even more exciting as the kisd grow and can really play together more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Silly Girls

We had Caroline over to play today...our playgroup was a little smaller this week with my friend, Irene's parents in town, so they couldn't meet. Caroline and Lillian were acting so silly and decided to get all dressed up in some random items. Thought I would share the pictures of these silly girls....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My 2nd 5k

I have officially finished my 2nd 5k race. I ran in the Schlotzsky's Bun Run this morning at 8 a.m. It was a lot easier than my first 5k, but there weren't as many hills and I guess I was just more aware of how it was going to be. Yesterday, Mom, the kids, and I went by the expo to pick up my packet and info. The kids enjoyed all the freebies you get there. They even had a jumpy house that was a castle that Lillian loved jumping around in. The Bun Run is held each year in Austin to raise money for Austin Sunshine Camps...a summer camp for kids. The official t-shirt is long-sleeved though, so there was no way I was wearing that to race in. Even in cold weather, I have to run in short-sleeves with all the sweat! So my mom bought me the contest winner t-shirt for the year to wear. It is pink and cuter.

So anyway, I got up and ran this morning. I finished 86 out of 211 in my age group of ages 21-30. I ran it in 29:13. I think I got slowed down in a few places with all the walkers and people with dogs and strollers among us, I would get stuck behind and couldn't get around some people. I was still proud of my results though. Here is the the official website if you don't believe me:

I guess it will be fall before I run another one with the weather getting warmer. I'm hoping to do the Race for the Cure again. It was a lot of fun...hopefully my sisters will be up for it again. It was great having us all together! We'll see....and then maybe next spring I might try a 10k!