Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Last Birthday

Andrew finished up his birthday celebrating for the year today with Grandma and Grandpa Koenning, Aunt Sherlene, Aunt Dianne, and Uncle Robert. They all came in for the day to visit and celebrate. Andrew got some handsome new summer clothes, a train set, and a wheelbarrow to play with. They also brought him 2 different cakes! We had fun singing Happy Birthday to him one last time.

Grandpa JD and Jamie Visited

We had a good visit with my dad and Jamie this weekend. They came in Friday evening late and stayed through this afternoon. They helped me out by watching the kids Saturday morning while I did my long run for the week in preparation for the 10k. I ran 8 miles! Brandon had to take Duncan to the clinic to get neutered. The kids had fun playing with them and showing them all their stuff. Andrew, unfortunately, wasn't feeling his best this weekend. He has had a pretty bad cold, but he still got in some good playing time. Jamie made his curtains for his new big boy room and they look great! (pictures to come later when I finally get everything hung on the walls!) She and Dad hung them for me too. Almost time to move Andrew in! Andrew also got his birthday gifts, a cool megabloks table and a learn to play t-ball set. Both kids really like the new toys. Lillian also got a little gift that she loves, a Melissa and Doug doll dress-up set. I've never seen her so into a toy before. She just sits and tries all the little clothes on the dolls. Thanks for coming Dad and Jamie! It was fun and you were lots of help! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Aunt Katy and Uncle Clay!

Andrew will be moving to his big boy room in another month, so we have been getting the room ready for him. It is sports themed and his bed is a double bed that is fairly high off the ground, so for Andrew's birthday, my sister Katy and brother-in-law Clay had a stool made for him for his room.

It came in the mail today and he was very excited about it. It is adorable and he and Lillian have already tested it out climbing into his bed. I'm sure he'll be dragging it around to turn on the lights too! Thanks Katy and Clay! (But now Lillian wants one too! ha ha)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Snow Fun

After naptime, it had snowed a lot more, so I took the kids out to see it on the golf course. Then Brandon got home from work and joined us. Here are some more pictures!

Snow in Round Rock!?

I didn't even know until the middle of the day yesterday we had a chance of snow and low and behold, we did get some! I was in the kitchen this morning when Lillian ran in and said, "Mommy, it is snowing!" Sure enough, we looked out the window and it was! Funny how she's never seen snow in her life and she was the one that showed me! The kids are loving it. It is still coming down and Lillian is set on making a snowman, so hopefully after naptime when Brandon gets home, they can do that. Here are some pictures and a video...the video is funny...the kids decided to slide down the slide in the backyard in the snow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Family Visit

Grandma Teddy, Aunt Katy, and Uncle Clay came to visit us and the birthday boy this weekend. We just hung out and visited and went out to eat once. The kids enjoyed the extra attention and plus I had extra help with the kids! Clay also did a repair project we needed to get done, so that was great! Thanks for coming! We had fun!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Andrew's 2nd Birthday Party

My birthday boy with sister before the party.

His birthday cupcakes

Natalie, Izzie, and Alex eating pizza.

Caroline, Andrew, and Lillian eating pizza

Andrew checking out his candles, not sure how to blow them out.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

My baby boy is 2 today! Wow, the time has flown by. I just looked up and my baby is not a baby anymore! Happy Birthday to my sweet, loveable Andrew!
Andrew in the hospital
His first birthday

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...early!

I got the kids dressed up in their Valentine's day shirts from aunt Dianne today for Lillian's Valentine's day party at school. Andrew ended up staying home with Daddy while I went to the party, but I took pictures of them both this morning. Lillian had a fun party with her friends. They had pizza for lunch and then lots of goodies at their party.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Other Blog

I've been keeping another blog for about a month now...really as a journal for myself and to keep myself accountable. I use it mostly to write my feelings about the day and how it is going and my work-out log. I also write to hopefully motivate other people.

I used to keep a weight-loss ticker on my main blog, but wanted to keep that more of just for my family than a personal blog, so made this other one just for me so I wouldn't be mixed in with all the goings-on of the kids.

I began the Gold's Gym Know Your Own Strength Challenge 4 weeks ago. It is 12 weeks long and happened to start right at when it was 12 weeks to the 10k I want to run, so it was perfect. Anyway, this is my blog about it. Go back to January when I began to read more about what the challenge is and come back and visit often and leave me comments! So far, I have managed to get on and blog everyday since I began. I just wanted to wait and share after I knew I was going to continue with it. Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Years!

5 Years ago today, I married my best friend. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and has been the best thing that has ever happened to me as it has brought me my marriage, my babies, and my life. I love you, B!