Monday, October 27, 2008

First Time Carving a Pumpkin

It was a first for a couple of people tonight....Brandon has never carved a pumpkin before...which was surprising to me and Lillian had never seen one before. It thought it was funny when I asked Brandon to carve the pumpkin tonight when Andrew was in bed and he said, "I've never carved a pumpkin before." I told him to just get a marker and a knife and just do it. I think Brandon enjoyed making the face. Lillian like playing with the seeds...she didn't want to touch them, but liked scooping them back out of the bowl we had put them in, and back into the pumpkin again! She also loved seeing it lit up and wouldn't back away from it to see it from far off, she just wanted to stare at the candle from the top. Here are some pictures from this evening.


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