Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Lessons 2011

Lillian and Andrew did 2 weeks of swimming lessons through the city of Round Rock. Andrew started out the first couple of days crying and not wanting me to leave, but by the end of the first week, he was excited to go and would go right to his instructors. The parents aren't allowed in during the lessons so that the kids wouldn't be watching you instead of the instructors, so I would spend half an hour in the car reading, but today on the last day of lessons, parents got to come in and watch and take pictures to see what the kids learned. I think both kids learned and did well! I can't wait to see how much they move on to next year. Lillian, especially, is a little fish and just loves the water!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 weeks or less!

Today marks 3 weeks until my scheduled c-section! I can't believe it is so so near! I went in the Carter's store today and couldn't resist buying some matching shirts for the girls! It is going to be so cute and fun to match them! Lillian LOVES it too! She gets so excited to see she has the same outfit as Marjorie. Here are some of my purchases:

Just a few more weeks and we can try them on! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband! I'm so lucky to have him in my life as well as my kids'. His is a wonderful daddy and we love him so much!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aunt Mole Came to Visit

My sister, Molly...a.k.a....Aunt Mole came to visit yesterday and today. She graduated from A&M in May and got a job with Pilgrim's Pride in Waco that she will begin next week, and she had a week off between her finishing up her college job at Radio Shack and beginning her new job, so she wanted to try and visit everyone while she could.

The kids had a blast playing with her at the pool. Lillian pretty much told her what to do the whole time and hung on her back around the pool. We also visited and ate with the kids at Chic-fil-a last night and then while the kids were at school this morning, she did some shopping with me and we got to hang out. Today she left out to Rotan to visit Katy, Clay, and Parker. It was a fun short visit. Thanks for stopping by, Aunt Mole!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ready for Marjorie

I've been cleaning out and organizing the nursery for months to get ready for Marjorie. Then I was waiting on my baby shower and a few other things to put the final touches on it and finally am pretty much done. I wanted to share pictures of Marjorie's room! Special thank you to my step-mother, Jamie for making her name letters for the wall! They turned out so cute!

The Crib


Room view


Dresser/hutch/changing table

Last Visit to Alto with Only 2 Kiddos

Today marks one month until my scheduled c-section and at that point, they do not want you traveling too far from the hospital just in case something happens early. So, I planned a last visit to Alto to see my family before we are stuck at home for the next month.

We had a great visit with Dad and Jamie. We met them for lunch at the Yellowjacket Cafe on Friday and then spent the evening up at their house. Dad grilled burgers and hotdogs. The kids were busy playing all around their yard and Lillian was cracking us up with her games and songs she was making up. She even had Dad doing a dance she made up. Jamie had gotten them some little packets that when put in water turn into little sponges and they thought once they were sponges, they would use them to clean up the door to the little house. ha ha....Then after dinner, they enjoyed some ice cream sundaes!

Saturday morning, we went with mom over to her neighbor's swimming pool and took the kids swimming. They were impressed that there was a swimming pool over the fence from Grandma's house. They were wondering how we were going to get to a pool without getting in the car. Mom had gotten them little swim rings, some pool toys, and goggles and they were excited about them. Lillian was all over the pool in her new princess swim ring. Andrew wasn't as excited, but he has been getting braver at the pool lately, so he did venture around the pool a bit with his new gear.

Besides that, the kids just played, and we visited with Tory and my Mom before driving back today to start another week! The kids start swim lessons a week from tomorrow, so I'm hoping all their swimming lately will have them ready for that! We'll see.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Shower

I was very very blessed today to have such wonderful friends to throw me a baby shower! My sweet buddies, Irene and Karen put together the shower. I enjoyed it very much! I can't believe the hard work and time they must have put into it! There was such yummy food and the cake was so cute and tasty! Ya'll are the best!!!

Marjorie got fixed up with some great new stuff! Since she is our 3rd, we have a lot of the big stuff, but some of the smaller stuff needed replacing like bottles and a new baby monitor. So now she is set! I feel so loved today and thankful for all my great friends!

The diaper cake my neighbor, Mary, made for me

my sister Katy, my mom, and me

Me and my awesome hostesses, Irene and Karen