Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The End of Glasses

I went in today for my consultation about my lasik procedure next week. They ran some tests and I met with the doctor's assistant to go over the procedure and what is expected of me. All tests came back fine and I am approved to do surgery next Thursday! This has been a long time coming since I got glasses in 5th grade. I still remember sitting in Mrs. Hall's Science class squinting at the board and she noticed and asked me to sit in the front. That is where it all began. Now about 17 years later, I'm turning in my glasses to see on my own! I was very surprised to hear that the procedure only lasts about 10 minutes! But afterwards, I will spend the day resting my eyes...that will be the hard part with Brandon downstairs with the kids and no tv or computer for me. It will be well worth it though. I took a new profile picture of me in my glasses since I only have 8 more days to wear them! Yay!

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Tell me how that goes!