Sunday, May 30, 2010

Merry Christmas, Brandon!

Brandon got a basketball goal from Dad and Jamie for Christmas and it has been still sitting in the box in the garage since then. We were waiting on it to warm up and then time got away from us with lots of other things going on. So I finally talked him into getting out yesterday morning and putting it together while we had Molly here to help watch the kids and help put it together. I'm glad we did because there were a few steps that we needed her to help hold something while Brandon was tightening bolts.

I think Brandon is really going to enjoy having it and being able to get out in the evening and work of some steam after work. We hung out with our neighbors yesterday, so they guys got to test out the goal for the first time yesterday evening. I took a few pictures of Brandon finally playing with his Christmas toy...thanks again Dad and Jamie!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Surprise Visit

Aunt Mole called in the middle of the day on Friday and told me she was coming to visit. She had a week off between school and her internship she will be doing over the summer, so was making the rounds to visit everyone. The kids were very excited to see Aunt Mole and have been climbing on her and ordering her around her whole visit. Here are some pictures of them at the park today:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swimming Fun Begins

We made it to our neighborhood pool this afternoon for the first time this season. It was perfect sunny weather. The kids had a blast in the new splash area and it was way more easier for me to watch them then in years past when they were smaller and I had to worry a lot more. My friend Karen came too and brought her 2 kids. We are looking forward to many more days of water fun this summer! When I asked Lillian if she was a fish, she said, "No momma, I a mermaid!" ha ha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Game Night

Lillian has been going to speech therapy since March and the main part of the time she is there, we just play games with her therapist to practice her sharing and also verbal skills and eye contact when talking. She LOVES it. So since Andrew has gotten a little older, I thought it was time to try playing a game altogether. We played Lillian's Go Fish game tonight and they both really enjoyed it and it was also time away from the t.v. together which is great. Now I need to go buy us more games to play so we can switch them out! It is so fun now that they are getting older to do these types of activities....before I know it they will be kicking my butt at Monopoly!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Visiting Family

I was lucky enough to have my in-laws take the kids for this past weekend to have a little break and also so they could spend time with the kids. I had a Southern Living at Home Party on Thursday night, so that helped me get ready for that without worrying about the kids too.

On Sunday, we drove down to pick them up. They had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Sherlene. We had a big lunch when we got there and then went over to Moulton to see Brandon's sister, Dianne's new house and to visit there. It is really nice and it was my first real trip to Moulton, so I got to see another small Texas town. The kids loved Dianne's huge living area where they could run around and play and they also enjoyed playing with her dog, Lucky outside. Here are some pictures from our day there.

Sherlene with Lillian

Dianne with Lillian

Andrew with Grandma Koenning (He just wouldn't look at me, but thought this one was sweet with him smiling up at Grandma.)

School's Out for Summer!

Lillian had her last day of preschool for this school year on Wednesday and Andrew had his on Thursday. The kids enjoyed their friends, teachers, and classes this year and will miss them! Lillian will be making mostly new friends since she is switching to Tues/Thurs with Andrew too, so she will especially miss her buddies she has been with since she began school there at 20 months old! They'll head back to Harmony Hill Preschool in September for the fall semester!

Lillian with her buddy Quinn.

Lillian with Mrs. Kerri
Andrew with Mrs. Paula

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alto Visit

We hadn't made it to Alto since Christmas, so we were due for a visit. Brandon was working all weekend, so it was a good time to take the kids for a visit since we would have just been home by ourselves otherwise.

The kids had a blast at my Mom's. She bought them a little octopus sprinkler from the dollar store and it was great. They ran in and out of that water and played and played. They are definitely ready for the summer water fun.

Then we drove over to Grapeland to the Animal Safari drive-thru and they enjoyed seeing all the animals. They weren't as scared as they were at the one in New Braunfels and there were a few different kinds of animals than we saw at the other place. It was a fun outing and not a long drive.

Then on Sunday, we drove up to Dad and Jamie's to visit and the kids would have loved to just run around and explore the yard and the barn, but we finally convinced them to come in and we went up to Jacksonville and ate at Chilis. They both ate well and then took some decent naps on the way home.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jamie for the fun this weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Vasquez Crew Came to Town

We had my friend Erin and her daughter Ava and son Adam over to play this afternoon. Erin and I went to Tx State together and student taught at the same school and have been friends ever since. Ava is 5 months older than Lillian, too, so we try to get together so the girls can play when we can. It has been way too long this time, but we finally got together since she had to take off work today to watch her kids since she didn't have a sitter.

We visited at our house for a while and then picked up pizza and ate it at the park so the kids could play there. The girls had a blast and Erin and I had a chance to catch up. It was fun! We hope to get together again next month so the kids don't forget each other again!!! Thanks for coming, Erin!