Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Visit to Papaw's Farm

We were beyond due for a visit to Louisiana to visit my grandparents! Being pregnant last year and a busy fall kept us from going. So when we found out a weekend that Brandon wasn't working on a Friday, we decided to go then since it is quite a long drive with 3 kids especially. We left early that Friday morning and got there Friday afternoon. The kids love playing on the farm. Lillian and Andrew spent a lot of time gathering misc. items and playing games on the tractor. Marjorie loved swinging mostly. Katy, Clay, and Parker were able to come as well, so we visited with them too. And Marjorie and Parker had some fun playing and taking a bath together. They were so funny to watch as they laughed and laughed at each other in the tub. My mom also made the trip, so we had a good chance to catch up with Mamaw and Papaw and her.

On the way home, we found an awesome bluebonnet picture spot outside of Hearne, TX where I got the kids picture! I was so glad to get that too!

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