Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kindergarten Round-up

Tuesday, I walked the halls of Forest Creek Elementary School for the first of I'm sure many many times. They held Kindergarten round-up for the fall to get the kids registered. I registered Lillian fairly quickly and turned in her documentation. Then was lead around the school by 2 5th graders giving tours. I was very impressed that the school had 2 art rooms and art teachers as well as 2 music rooms. When lots of schools are cutting back on this area lately, it is refreshing to see schools still putting an emphasis on the arts. Everyone seemed friendly and ready to help. I saw 2 different friend's kids too and one came up to give me a hug.

After Lillian and Andrew got out of preschool at 1, we swung by the school again so Lillian could walk around and she was so excited to see it. Her friend, Quinn was touring at that time too, so they stuck together and ran around looking at everything. Now the only problem is that Lillian thinks it is only a week until she starts Kindergarten and asks all the time. She is very ready. I just don't know if this momma is ready. As a Kindergarten teacher, I used to laugh about parents crying on the first day, but I may very well be that mom! It is so sad to see her growing up so quickly. I'll definitely miss having her home with me as much. And I know Andrew will miss her very much too! I don't think he'll know what to do without Lillian home to bug. We'll see!

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