Tuesday, April 17, 2012

9 Months Have Come and Gone

Marjorie turned 9 months on Thursday.  Hard to believe in 3 months we'll be celebrating a year!  Marjorie is just getting so big and growing into such a bubbly little girl.  She still smiles at everyone and loves laughing at her brother and sister and dog especially.  She loves to eat!  She snacks lots and lots during the day and we have now mostly moved her to table food at meal times.  She has loved mashed potatoes, cocktail weinies (cut into tiny pieces of course), and breakfast foods the most.  She is still not crawling, but likes to roll back and forth on the floor.  Her peditriation told me at her check up today that we need to start putting her on her knees and try to teach her a little, but I don't know about how that is going to work.  She gets mad!  ha ha.  At her check up today she weighed 18.13 lbs (60%), and was 27.5 inches (50%).  So she is right at average for her age. 

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