Friday, April 27, 2012

Toy Story 3 on Ice

I was very surprised at myself for keeping this secret for several months from the kids.  I got a flier that Toy Story 3 on Ice was coming to town and I just had to take them!  Andrew LOVES Toy Story more than anything and Lillian likes the movies too.  So I bought tickets to opening night and actually kept it from them the whole time!
Yesterday, I told them that I was going to take them somewhere in the evening while Daddy kept Marjorie at home.  They were very curious, but I wouldn't give in and tell them.  I told them it was a surprise.  When we got to the Cedar Park Center and went in, they weren't sure what we were doing.  We went and found our seats and then Lillian saw the ice and asked what that was.  I told her that there would be people skating on it.  She grumpily said, "I don't like this!"  Then I told them that it would be Toy Story characters and they both got big smiles and were excited.  Here are a few pictures of them in their seats....Lillian on the edge of her seat excited to see it start.  Then after every new character came out, she would point like in the 2nd picture and say, "Look Andrew!!!"  They enjoyed every bit.  It just got late and they and I got tired!  It was a cute show!  I really enjoyed the Ken and Barbie part...Ken and his many outfits.  I had that Ken growing up.  I remember he came with a little plastic chimpanzee!  He was my favorite Ken because he had bending arms...not the straight ones like the blonde Kens!  ha ha

The bows at the end

Mickey and the gang came out too to introduce the characters

My favorite!

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