Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baseball Fun

Lillian has really, I mean REALLY enjoyed playing baseball this year with her team! It is a big difference from last year when she was begging to go home. She still gets distracted, but has made a major improvement in her playing. She has fielded the ball several times and is doing better on her hitting as well. After one game last week, she told me, "Mom, that was the best game! I love it!" It was so cute and made me feel good that she is liking it. And that was after a loss! I do yell out to her during games to watch for the ball to help and when she makes it home after hitting and running the bases, she slides in every time! I'm happy that we picked a sport she enjoys and look forward to many more years of baseball ahead! Now to see next year of Andrew is ready!

Sliding in home!

Here is her biggest fan sitting at the game! :)

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