Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Day 2012

Easter was pretty quiet at our house this year.  Brandon had to work, so it was just me and the kids all day.  I hate that we couldn't go to mass, but there was no way I could take all 3 by myself with all the extra people at church on Easter.  So we hunted eggs and played at home.  I got the kids dressed up though so I could take their pictures.

I think everyone enjoyed their Easter baskets this year.  Lillian was in our room at 7 telling us what she saw in the baskets and was so excited to show us.  Shortly afterward, Andrew was up too and we went down and then they went through Andrew's basket and looked at it all then Lillian's.  They were so distracted, we had to remind them that they didn't eat breakfast.

Marjorie with her basket

Lillian's goodies

Andrew's goodies

Lillian looking in her basket

Andrew looking in his

The Easter bunny left eggs outside too, so they ran out to  get them.

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