Monday, April 30, 2012

My 3rd 10k!

I completed my 3rd ever 10k this past weekend!  I ran the Capital 10k last month and decided to run this one to keep me motivated to keep on running!  This was the 30th annual Bun Run and the first year they added a 10k.  I ran the 5k two years ago....when I won that barbeque grill!  

I have been bugging all my friends for a while to come run with me and when I saw my sister, Molly had ran 5 miles on Saturday, I told her online that she should come run it with me and to my surprise, she actually did!  It was so nice having someone to ride with and hang out with before and after the race.  As well as it was just good to see her.  She, Katy and I had a good sister time!  

I was proud to complete this race beating my Capital 10k time of 65 minutes 30 seconds.  This run I finished in 62 minutes 7 seconds!  It was a nice improvement and made me feel good that I did improve over a month!  Now that it is the hottest time of year approaching, I may not race for a while!  But it was a fun one and glad I finished on a happy note this season!

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