Friday, April 13, 2012

Strawberries and More

 We didn't make it out to Marble Falls Sweet Berry Farms last year with me being pregnant and tired, so when strawberry picking season came around this year, we found a day that Brandon had off work during the week and decided to take the kids out there.  They were excited and ready.  We picked 2 baskets full of fresh strawberries.  Then we all enjoyed homemade icecream that is made with their fresh berries and then the kids had fun jumping on the new bouncing pads.  It was a nice little family outing and the kids have already enjoyed eating the strawberries several times.  We froze some for later, but have plenty to eat for now!

Andrew picking

Lillian said she was done

looking for the big ones!

Marjorie was excited to be there

Yum, berries!

Homemade strawberry ice cream

Oh, Brother!

Marjorie loved it too!

Jump around


Andrew in the air

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