Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nicole's wedding day

We spent the day on Saturday in Shiner for our niece, Nicole's wedding.  Brandon was a groomsman and Lillian was one of the flower girls.  It was nice to have us all dressed up and we got some cute pictures.  Lillian even had her hair professionally fixed for the occasion and sat well for it.  She was very proud of looking like a princess.  The wedding was at a city park on a bridge while we watched from the bank.  I'm excited to see the professional photographer pictures since I couldn't get very good shots from far off.  I know she got some great ones of Lillian doing her flower girl job!  Although the kids didn't get much of a nap, they all did very well.  Lillian and Andrew were playing, dancing and running around all afternoon with the other kids and cousins they never see.  I loved seeing them dancing to the polka music!  Marjorie had her first taste of cake and LOVED it!  She just shoved it in her mouth was smiling and licking her hands! The photographer got a few of her doing that too I look forward to seeing.  Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures of the bride!  With the wedding being up on the bridge, I couldn't zoom in very well and then I was distracted trying to take pictures of the kids at the reception!  She was a beautiful bride though and we were so glad we could be there.  Congratulations Joe and Nicole!! 

Our family at the Koenning farm before we went to the wedding

2 sweet flower girls, Lillian and Mia

Lillian posing

Daddy and Lillian

The kids playing at the bridge before the ceremony

Marjorie while we waited for the wedding to begin

Lillian's hair after she got it done


the kids dancing

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