Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Fun

Brandon was off work today after working the past 6 days, so while Lillian was at her occupational therapy, he, Andrew, and I made a Wal-mart run to pick up miscellaneous things. We saw a huge bottle of bubbles which the kids have been obsessed with lately, so we got a couple of bottles to stock up and while Brandon worked on planting more flowers in our flower beds....which I may say are looking so great this year....the kids had fun blowing bubbles. I've been so excited to get the yard in shape this year after the deadness it was all in after winter and want it to look great for our guests this summer coming to see our new little blessing and to take pictures! Here are some pictures of the kids and the flower beds. (I'm expecting them to get even prettier and will post more pics as they do. Brandon just watered them this evening with the awesome Miracle Gro mix and we are finally going to get some rain tonight!!! Yipee!)

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