Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Fun Day

We haven't had a day in ages that we had nothing going on and Brandon wasn't working, so we took advantage of Saturday. We started out with lunch at Mighty Fine Burgers....gotta go there if you haven't ever been when you are in Austin. They make awesome burgers and shakes and it is recognized for being all natural.

Then we took the kids to a movie. This was Andrew's first theater movie experience, so he didn't quite understand we weren't going to buy the movie and take it home. He went in and kept saying how dark it was. He was fussy and wanted to leave throughout the previews. So I was worried, but when the movie started, he watched it and loved it. We saw "Hop." It is about the Easter Bunny. It was a cute movie and Brandon and I enjoyed it too. Andrew walked up and down the stairs during the movie and would go sit in the very front theater seats for a bit and then sit on the steps and then come back to us, but he wasn't bothering anyone and as long as I could see him, I just let him wander. I figured I would be disturbing other people watching less that way.

Then after that, we were home later than their usual nap, but they went down after the morning excitement and napped for 2 hours! It was nice. We all had a good rest before playing outside while Brandon finished up some flower planting. It was nice to spend time together as a family!

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