Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Swim of the "Spring?"

It was in the low 90's today, so my friend and neighbor Karen and I decided we would take the kids to the sprinkler park for the first time this season. However, we got there and learned it doesn't officially open until May, so we were a little over a week early. So we headed back to the neighborhood and took the kids to the neighborhood swimming pool. They had a blast! I was impressed at how Lillian remembered to kick her legs from last summer and Andrew was even brave this year and was walking all around the baby pool which he wouldn't get in last year and was scared. We will be taking swim lessons in June, so I'm glad to know they aren't scared. I'm a little nervous about the weather already being this hot now, but I'm thinking we may be at the pool and the sprinkler parks a few times a week when they are open now because they kids loved it and I think they will sleep very well tonight with all the kicking around they did.

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