Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our First Easter Egg Dying

Growing up, we never dyed Easter eggs. We always got those plastic decorated wrappers that when put in boiling water, shrunk onto the eggs. Well, I decided this year that the kids and I would dye eggs since I haven't really done it that I remember. So Brandon boiled them and had them ready and then I mixed the colors and the kids got busy mixing the eggs into the dye. They enjoyed it, but it was stressful for me worrying every second that Andrew would grab one of the bowls of dye and spill it all over the place. He kept grabbing eggs out of the bowls and putting them in his mouth! Yuck! But we all survived and the eggs turned out nice...until they dropped them later on the floor cracking most of them, but still, we did it and had some Easter fun. Maybe with experience it will go a little better next year!

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