Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby #3 Update

As many of you know, I've been having weekly appointments the past 3 weeks because Marjorie's heartbeat has been being irregular at my check-ups and they wanted to keep an extra eye on it. It has been doing this on and off. Today I had an appointment at an ultrasound office for them to check and measure her heart and do an echocardiogram. Well, from what they could tell, everything looks great. The heartbeat was normal for them and everything was measuring okay. I was so relieved. It was a painful ultrasound though because baby girl was all bunched up not wanting us to see her heart and so the doctor was pushing really hard on my belly to see it well. So, I'm glad we are done, but glad we got to see her one more time. It was actually the first ultrasound Brandon has been to because he had to work for Lillian's and then when we went for Andrew's Lillian was throwing a fit, so he had to take her outside and missed half of it. So it was nice for him to get to see everything. He thinks she looks like Lillian...I guess we will see. It was very cute to see her in there balled up and you could see her opening and closing her mouth like she was eating the fluid in there. Today I am 26 weeks 2 days along, so we are less than 13 weeks away from her birth! Wow, this is flying by!

Here are two of the sonograms...the first you can sort of tell her mouth is open and then the 2nd is her full profile all snuggled up with her knees on her chest.

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