Saturday, April 9, 2011

More T-Ball Fun

Lillian had her 3rd t-ball game today and I've definitely seen an improvement! I think she is finally into the pattern of what to expect to do. Last week, she was doing her little tantrums about not wanting to go out and bat....just to make me mad and then would be upset if she didn't get to bat. But this week, she went out without any forcing from me and just did great. She also hit the ball well off of the tee instead of hitting the tee and stood out in the field ready when her team was out there. I was very proud of her. When it was over, she ran to me and said, "I DID GOOD!" ha ha...she knew she had!

We also took team pictures before the game and this was NOT a fun experience. As the team mom, I was trying to coordinate and have kids there for the pictures on time and of course it was very un-organized and they ran 30 minutes on top of the 15 minutes early we were there, we waited 30, which made for some frustrated parents and fussy kids...especially Andrew since he wasn't even taking a picture and was just along for the ride. Lillian just stood and frowned when they took her individual picture. Afterwards, though, she was upset that she did that and wanted to re-take her picture and luckily the lady, who was a not very nice person to me, did let her take her picture again, so hopefully we have some sort of smile. I was also in the team picture, so I guess I'll be in these kids' scrapbooks for the rest of their lives...ha least I was behind them all, so my big Marjorie belly was hidden.

Here are some snapshots from today's game. BTW...we played at a smaller field this time which was difficult because there were no dug-outs to keep the kids contained, but nice because we were closer to the kids to take pictures and talk to them and encourage them during the game.

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