Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grandpa J.D. Visits and Bobcat Game

Grandpa JD and Jamie came to visit this weekend. We started off by meeting them Saturday for lunch at the new Salt Lick restaurant in Round Rock. If you haven't been yet, you need to go! It is delicious! I haven't been to the one out in Driftwood in quite a few years and it is nice to have some good BBQ near us now. Then we came home and visited for a while before going to the Tx State football game vs. Southern Utah. The Bobcats did not fair well this game, but we all had a good time. Lillian got to see Boko, the bobcat. She was excited to see him, but when he tried to pick her up, she freaked out! It was funny. She watched him and laughed as he walked around the stands when he left us and kept blowing him kisses. We also had a twirler stop to see Lillian and gave her a little baton with glitter and water in it. She was so excited! She had an eventful game. Andrew also enjoyed watching all the people and hanging out on everyone's laps. I think Lillian liked the band the best and kept dancing with the Strutters as they did their highkicks.

Today, we had breakfast and lunch here at the house and the kids played with Grandpa. Lillian had fun throwing a ball with him. She likes to climb to the middle of our stairs and we throw the ball up and she throws it back down. She thinks it is so funny that the ball rolls down the stairs again.

Thanks for visiting Dad and Jamie. It was fun.

Here are pictures from the weekend:

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Crim said...

I bet grandpa spoiled the kids rotten!!