Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peaceful Sleepers

I have my nightly routine of checking on the kids right before I go to bed since Andrew goes to bed at 7 and Lillian at 8. Last night, I was just tempted to take pictures. I just love the peacefulness of watching my babies sleep! I thought I would share. (I just updated their websites with news and pictures as well if you want to check them. The links are on the side of my blog page.)


Jessica said...

Aren't sleeping babies the best?

The Heslip Twins said...

Hey Becky! It's good to see you and pictures of your adoreable family. Babies are so precious!

When you get a chance, check out our blog to see Emmy and Caleb. They are hams at 18 months old! We are expecting again in late February.

Kelly (Stewart) Heslip

Crim said...

How sweet!! All sleeping babies are precious then they wake up, LOL!! :)