Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Floor and Kitchen.....Finally!

I'm just so pumped about this, so I had to share. Brandon gave me the approval yesterday to finally get new flooring downstairs and new countertops in the kitchen! 3 and a half years of waiting is finally going to come to an end! The countertops are actually the reason we almost didn't buy this house because I hated them. Brandon promised me that someday we would redo them. And who in the world puts in WHITE tile? Immediately after it is cleaned, it looks dirty again from one person walking through. It shows everything and with 2 kids a dog, that isn't fun for me! We are going to get rid of that white tile in the kitchen and at the front door as well as tiling the whole downstairs. We are going to pick out everything in December and probably get it done in January.

Now, I need help picking things out. If you got a really good deal on tile or countertops somewhere or really love yours, please share with me! I've never picked out these types of things before. I'll probably go with some shade of tan or brown for the tile and my countertops need to coordinate. I'm open for any advice you may have. Here are pictures of my current countertops and floor.

Even my Mom and sisters have commented about how hard it is to keep my white tile clean after helping me clean while visiting. The countertops are a pain as well because the white grout stains and it is really hard to get it clean. I definitely won't be doing tile countertops this time!


Katy Cade said...

Wow! What a Christmas present! That is going to completely change the look of your house!!! So exciting. I'd love to come help you pick stuff out sometime.

Jessica said...

How fun!