Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our latest Kids news

Lillian started back to her preschool on Wednesday. She starts off screaming when I leave and then slowly gets into the routine. She did this back in the summer when she started there. Her teacher said she did well while I was gone. She just had to get it out before they began, I guess. I really like her preschool. Her teacher is great! She does a wonderful job with the kids her age. Lillian seems to enjoy it and brings home all kinds of artwork. I think she likes having a new outside playground to explore as well. She attends M-W-F mornings from 9-1. It is my chance to run errands and get some things done I can't do as easily with both kids in tow.

In other news, Andrew is now able to sit up! He can sit for short periods of time before falling over, but is getting better each time! He is so proud of himself. He is also getting his 2 front teeth! Numbers 5 &6! Wow! He is growing up so quickly!

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Crim said...

I can't believe Andrew is already sitting up. He is such a big boy!!