Monday, September 22, 2008

Daddy Worked All Weekend

Since Brandon's pharmacy at the Children's Hospital was closed and moved over to work at Seton main hospital, he is working different shifts day to day. He now has to work some weekends and this past weekend was his first weekend to work. Weekends are tougher on him and on us because he works 12 hour shifts. Luckily, my Mom and sister, Tory, were able to come down and hang out and help me with the kids this weekend. Lillian was attached to Aunt Tory. She would just lay on her and watch tv. Both kids enjoyed the extra attention. We all went shopping on Saturday to look for Tory some new shoes and Lillian found a Handy Manny backpack at Kohls that she drug around the whole store. Grandma Teddy was good enough to buy it for her and now she is dragging around our house saying, "Manny, Manny!" While they were here we also went to the park each day and Tory and I ran while Mom walked with the kids and then watched Lillian play on the playground. We had fun there each day. We also got more sand for the sandbox. Here are some photos I took of the kids playing. Thanks for helping this weekend, Mom and Tory!


Ashley said...

Your kids are so adorable. They are growing so fast. I added you to my blog list.

Katy Cade said...

They are too cute! I need to make a trip soon. I'm on week 3 of training and it's going well! I'm going to order my shoes next paycheck!

Crim said...

Andrew looks like he has a cool new mohawk, LOL. Too cute!