Friday, September 5, 2008


I was so excited to weigh in this morning and I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight! 4 and a half months of working hard are paying off! I have been on a plateau for a while and I think I'm finally pushing over it. I have lost 21 lbs total since I began and hope to lose at least 10 more. But I am so happy to at least have made it to this goal!

In connection with this, I am planning on running in a 5k sometime in the next few months. It will give me something to work towards and add a little extra to my routine. I do run several days a week with the stroller and a little at the gym, but I mainly get my cardio from the eliptical machine. I think this will help me and it is a good time of year since it is starting to get cooler and it will be more motivation to get outside. I know a 5k may not seem like much to some of you who run much further, but it is a stepping stone for me since I've never run in anything like this before.

***Anyone interested in running with me? I'd be glad to have some friends there with me. Whatever race I decide on will be for some charity, so it will be for a good cause! Let me know if you are interested!


Irene said...

Congratulations! I hate running but i wish i didn't. maybe you can train me :-)

Crim said...

You look great!!! I am so jealous that I can't be as motivated as you to exercise.

Lauren said...

That's really a big accomplishment-congratulations. I'm more of a walker so let me know if you ever want to be a slacker with me. :)

Katy Cade said...

Day one of 5k training down! We are going to do it! Let me know when and where.

Jessica said...

Congratulations! You look great!