Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trains, Automobiles...No Planes

We took what Brandon called a Staycation yesterday. His cousin Brian, wife Melissa, and their son Zachary met us in New Braunfels to visit. We try to get together with them a few times each year and were had been a while.

They had some free tickets to ride the little park train there given to them by family members, so we thought the kids would really enjoy that. And they did. Andrew sat in amazement and told us everything he saw. Lillian loved it too, but was ready to go to the "cool" playgrounds she saw. So after the train ride, the kids all played on the many playscapes and enjoyed he nice, but hot weather!

It was really nice to see cute little Zack! He is growing up so fast and just as cute as can be. It is always nice to visit with Brian and Melissa as well. Hopefully we'll plan a time when the adults can visit more without the kids as that is tough when you are chasing around 3 toddlers making sure they don't run off!

After saying our goodbyes to the Hajeks, we headed a little further south to check out the Natural Bridge Caverns Wildlife Safari. Brandon and I had been once during college, but not since we had kids. We got the kids out of their carseats and sat them on our laps in the front to drive through the safari. The kids were amazed by the animals and super excited to feed them. Then we rounded a corner and and ostrich came to the window and that all changed! It stuck his head in the window and pecked at Andrew's hand to get the food and Andrew freaked out! He screamed and cried. As we drove on, if we saw another ostrich, he got scared again. It was quite funny. We would ask him if he wanted to see the bird and he was go, "NO! NO! NO!" ha ha.

(Here is Andrew after the Ostrich incident)

It ended with a petting zoo of mostly goats and the kids both liked that with the exception of a goat trying to eat Andrew's shirt. So overall, we had a fun day and the kids definitely slept well last night.

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