Monday, April 12, 2010

Andrew is Growing Up

We moved Andrew to his new room yesterday evening. We already had it set up. I just had to move his clothes over. I also moved a twin mattress from Lillian's trundle bed to the floor in his room for him to sleep on for a while until he gets used to the move. His new bed is pretty high off the ground and I was worried that with him probably running to the door when we put him to bed at first in there, he wouldn't be able to see to climb back in bed, so this seemed a safer option to start with.
He went down pretty easy for his first night. He did cry a little, but went back to bed. He was passed out after about 20 minutes when we checked on him. But he had piled toys in his bed too. I put them away and covered him up, but they were back this morning. I guess he got up and got them before I came to get him when he woke up.

Pictures are still to come on his new room. I just ordered some posters for his wall, so when they come in and I get them hung, I'll take pictures and share!

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