Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strawberry Day

I told Lillian it was "Strawberry Day." We made the drive out to Marble Falls to Sweet Berry Farms to pick fresh strawberries this afternoon. We left right from Andrew's school party and we had a very busy morning, so they both konked out on the drive there. I haven't ever been out that way before and the hill country is gorgeous! Such a beautiful drive with all the hills and right now all the wildflowers everywhere!

The kids loved picking strawberries and loved tasting them as well. We even bought strawberry popsicles to enjoy afterwards too and got Daddy some homemade jam since he is always looking for some good jam or jelly at the store besides grape and it is hard to find. The farm also has goats, so the kids loved petting them. Andrew kept calling them dogs, but Lillian at least learned what a goat looked like in person.

Now we have lots of strawberries to eat over the next few days. I just hope the excitement doesn't wear off so they don't go to waste!

Oh, and we stopped at Happy Hour at Sonic on the way back and they got strawberry slushes, so that is how we celebrated the end of "Strawberry Day!"

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