Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grandma Teddy Helps Out

I asked my mom a long while back if she could come for the weekend I ran my 10k to watch the kids while I raced. So she marked her calendar and we were excited to have her in to visit this weekend. Of course she brought the kids a few grandma gifts. Lillian was super excited about her new Dora doll and Dora blanket. She also got a Dora balloon on one of our runs to HEB this weekend, so she carried all of these things everywhere and snuggled with them all weekend. Andrew got a cute monkey and bear, but just wasn't as excited.

Saturday I thought I would get out and mow up some leaves that had taken over our backyard since I knew it would take me weeks to rake them all up. So I worked a while on that and was proud of how much better it looked. But then after Brandon started grilling and we were out there visiting, I just mentioned to mom how there was a bush I couldn't reach to trim back, so she trimmed that for me and then just kept on going and trimmed every bush in my back yard! It looks so clean and nice and now if the kids play out in the back, I can see them a lot better from the kitchen window. She even trimmed some dead limbs off the tree by the house and some that were hanging down low by the steps when you walk off the deck. It was a huge accomplishment especially since it wasn't a planned job! Now I just need to rake up some more leaves towards the back of the yard and we need to haul off the limbs.

Today, I ran my 10k and you can read about that on my other blog: Toning Up Before 3.
Then, we ate some yummy Mexican food before all coming home to nap and then Grandma Teddy had to drive back home.

Thanks so much for all the help and everything else, Mom. We love you!

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