Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Vasquez Crew Came to Town

We had my friend Erin and her daughter Ava and son Adam over to play this afternoon. Erin and I went to Tx State together and student taught at the same school and have been friends ever since. Ava is 5 months older than Lillian, too, so we try to get together so the girls can play when we can. It has been way too long this time, but we finally got together since she had to take off work today to watch her kids since she didn't have a sitter.

We visited at our house for a while and then picked up pizza and ate it at the park so the kids could play there. The girls had a blast and Erin and I had a chance to catch up. It was fun! We hope to get together again next month so the kids don't forget each other again!!! Thanks for coming, Erin!

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