Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Old Friends

When I was pregnant with Lillian, I joined the site Whattoexpect.com. I met so many great ladies there going through what I was going through at the same time. I still talk with many of them today on Facebook. I also joined the February 2008 message boards on there when I was pregnant with Andrew. I wasn't as active that round since I still talked mostly with the first group of ladies, but I did meet a few new people and yesterday I finally got to meet one of them in person.

My friend Melissa and I have been keeping in touch on facebook for a while. She lives in Germany since her husband is based there for the military, but her family lives in Cedar Park which is about half an hour from here. So since she is in visiting them right now while her husband is deployed, we finally made plans to meet up. We drove over to her parent's neighborhood park and the kids had fun playing and we got to chat. Lillian and Andrew were very excited about their new friend Maya and they ran around and played a lot! When we left, Lillian was already saying she wanted Maya to come to her house and play dress up with her. We'll definitely have to try and play a few more times before they head back to Germany at the end of June.

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