Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm 30!

Wow, I'm finally entering my 30's and exited the crazy decade of the 20's. From what I hear, the 30's are great for most people. I think I'm through with all the major life changes like graduating from college, getting married, and having kids. So now maybe I can just enjoy all these things. I'm still having kids of course now, but not going through that first and 2nd kids adjustment from having none. I'm looking forward to what is to come!

We didn't do anything big on my birthday. Brandon had to work an evening shift, so he got me an ice cream cake and we ate it for dessert after lunch. Then I went shopping that afternoon and got myself a Kindle with my birthday money. It is really neat and I think I will use it a lot once I get some books downloaded. I have downloaded a couple of free classic books so far. So if you have some great books to recommend, I'm all ears!

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