Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cades and Grandma Teddy Visit

My brother-in-law, Clay had some agri-business to attend to nearby, so they went ahead and decided to come spend the weekend visiting with us and he could tend to it on Monday. And with Katy and Baby Parker coming, Grandma Teddy decided to visit again too since she hasn't seen him since he was born and the trip to Rotan is too far for her right now with her on chemo treatments each week.

So Friday afternoon, everyone arrived at our house. We ate a good Mexican meal at Antonio's and visited.

Then Saturday, Brandon grilled and we hung out together all day. Katy helped Lillian practice tee-ball. And Grandma Teddy and I watched Parker. The kids always have a blast playing with Uncle Clay and Aunt Katy.

We had a nice weekend with everyone and were so glad for nice weather to enjoy it.
Here are some cute outfits Grandma Teddy got at the Carter's store at the outlet mall. Now when Marjorie comes home, we can take a picture of all the kids in matching outfits! :)

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