Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Are T-Ball Ready

Growing up, my sisters and I were raised as softball players. No soccer for us and I want to keep it that way for my kids! I, in no way, want to be a soccer mom. I love little league softball/baseball and that is what we are going to pursue. Lillian is finally old enough to play t-ball with a league this year, so we got her signed up and had a team meeting this weekend. I'm excited that a lot of the team members live in Forest Creek or close by, so we are practicing at the elementary school...very easy for us since we live a minute away! I was also designated "Team Mom", so I'll be responsible for coordinating some things. I'm just glad I'm not coach! That is a tough job even though as parents we will all be kind of coaching together. I helped my mom coach my youngest sister's t-ball team back in the day and boy is that stressful...especially since back then there were so many competitive parents in town that just had to go after that t-ball championship! ha ha! I'm glad we are in a league that at this age doesn't count runs and lets every kid bat and run bases just to get the rules and foundations of the sport down.

This should be very interesting to see! Lillian will be on the Cubs. We made the trip to Academy today and bought Andrew and her gloves, a bat, a tee, and some practice balls. I worked with her in the car while Brandon ran in another store just on how you keep the glove on one hand and throw with the other...there are so many concepts you just don't think about that don't come naturally to them and have to teach them! Anyway, we are off to a good start. We played with the tee outside when we got home and both kids loved hitting the ball. Poor Andrew is going to be so upset when he realizes he can't play at the games. Their first game is March 26th at a high school baseball field! I'll share pictures of that for sure! For now, here are some of them practicing outside today.

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Katy Cade said...

Oh fun!!!! I wish I was there! We will have to practice next weekend. ;-)