Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day at the Austin Zoo

This morning we all got dressed in green and I wanted to take our picture together before we left, but Andrew refused to cooperate, so here is me and my 2 girls!

And here she is by herself

Since he wouldn't stand still for a picture in the house, he started jamming out in the car, so I took his picture then!
We made it to the Austin Zoo...definitely unlike any other zoo I've ever been to. It was very rustic and hard to push strollers around! But it was a neat place to visit! Here is the closest pic of all the kids we could get today.

Love for the rooster!

The kids feeding the deer

Andrew checking out the tortoise

And a tiger

The kids at some monkey cages

My ducklings

Pausing for lunch

We decided to stop on the way home at Amy's Ice Cream! Yum! Marble Slab just thinks they have good ice, I had forgotten how awesome Amy's is! Lillian was amazed at the guy throwing the ice cream up and catching it in the cup.

It is safe to say Andrew enjoyed it too!

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