Thursday, December 4, 2008

Water Problem Update

So, here is an update in our water softener story. Brandon got it all fixed and running well. We have nice soft water now, but last week I started noticing build-up again in our dishwasher...not good. I ran it to clean it a few times and it just wouldn't clean the dishes. It got worse and worse and so the last few days I have been handwashing all the dishes...which I know isn't a huge deal, but when your husband is used to using every pan in the kitchen for cooking plus baby bottles and sippy cups galore, it is a big job. I guess our problem before ruined it after all. Brandon finally decided last night that he would go this morning and buy a new one. It is so sad because we bought the other one 3 and a half years ago when we moved into the house probably for the same reason we are getting a new one now, but we didn't know. Brandon spent all morning installing the new one and it looks great. I know we will be taking extra special care of it and the water softener now. What a headache! So that is the update here for now.

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